Are you tired of shaving your armpits and not quite ready to jump in on the au natural trend? The team at Laser Bar and Spa can help you get rid of this useless hair that’s just a hassle to shave or wax. You can take advantage of laser hair removal for your underarms using the Cynosure® Elite+™ laser system at the office located in Herald Square in New York. In just a few quick sessions, you’ll have hair-free armpits that look just right at the pool, in the gym, and on the dance floor.

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Why eliminate hair from the underarms?

Underarm hair doesn’t really seem to have any real use when it comes to body function. It doesn’t provide protection and most people don’t consider it a fashion asset.

In fact, armpit hair contributes to body odor. One of the best ways you can get rid of smelly pits is to lose the hair. Armpits have a concentration of apocrine sweat glands that are the type that produce the sweat that mixes with bacteria to produce body odor.

The underarms are also prone to developing painful ingrown hairs, and a shave just doesn’t last very long. To keep your armpits smooth, you need to commit to an almost-daily ritual. Waxing isn’t much more convenient, and all those sessions add up over time. Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hair problems, too. You have smooth, pain-free underarms.

You may also appreciate the look of a smooth underarm when you raise your hand to hail a cab, cheer at the next sporting event, or bust a move on the dance floor. Tank tops and sleeveless garments just look better when you have a smooth canvas to put them on.

Plus, shaving your pits is a hassle. The area isn’t smooth so you have to use some serious flare to get all the hairy bits. Wouldn’t it be nice to jump into the shower without having to worry about this extra step?

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal emits heat energy that destroys the follicles that produce hair. You achieve smooth skin when the majority of hair follicles are rendered inactive. Hair grows in cycles, so multiple treatments are necessary to ensure the laser energy targets all the armpit hairs in their vulnerable growth cycle.

How many sessions will I need to get smooth armpits?

The number of sessions you need depends on the density of the hair under your arms. Usually, 6-10 treatments is sufficient, and the treatments are scheduled 6-10 weeks apart. The sessions pretty much eradicate all hair, so it’s smooth sailing afterward.

If you’re ready to get permanently smooth armpits, call Laser Bar and Spa or book your first appointment using the scheduler on this website.