Feeling smooth, soft skin absolutely everywhere is a delight. At Laser Bar and Spa in Herald Square, New York, the team can help you achieve silky smooth skin in even your most intimate region, where using a razor can be difficult and even dangerous. Brazilian hair removal can leave you completely bare, or mostly bare with a stripe or a triangle – your choice. Call the office or book online to say goodbye to shaving and waxing your pubic region and hello to a permanently groomed body.

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Who should consider a Brazilian?

If you already enjoy the benefits of being bare, a Brazilian achieved via laser is the absolute best. No longer do you have to schedule your waxing appointments and wait for a grow out between them.

If you don’t yet have a Brazilian, consider the benefits. You feel fresh absolutely every day. You don’t have to worry about being groomed next time you put on a bikini, so you’re permanently bathing-suit ready. All lingerie and underwear styles also work with the look.

Yes, a Brazilian is about aesthetics, but it’s also about hygiene. You feel clean and smooth every time you step out of the shower. Laser hair removal means no more bumps at the bikini line or ingrown hairs. In fact, laser hair removal is the only way to prevent ingrown hairs. You also save time, because you don’t have to schedule monthly visits to get waxed or spend time in the shower grooming yourself.

How does Brazilian laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution than shaving and waxing. The heat energy of the laser destroys the follicles so hair can no longer grow. When you complete a series of treatments, it’s as if you never had any hair there in the first place.

How do I prepare for a laser hair removal session and does it hurt?

You should shave before coming in. But avoid waxing or plucking the hair for six weeks prior to your appointment because you need the follicles to be intact for the laser energy to work.

The treatment does feel warm and prickly. You’re offered a numbing cream to ease the sensation.

How many treatments will I need?

You need anywhere between six and 12 sessions, depending on the density of your hair. Hair grows in cycles, so each session hits a different set of follicles while they’re in the vulnerable growth cycle.

What types of Brazilians are available?

A Brazilian refers to removing all or most hair from the pubic region. This means you can choose to go completely bare or to leave a small strip or triangle. Do remember the results will be permanent.

When you’re ready to achieve permanently smooth skin in your pubic area, call Laser Bar and Spa.